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More stable and powerful operation, and 30% more output than the old one
From: Foshan Nanhai Xiangda Machinery Co., Ltd Post date: 2020-04-03

Double seam lock type internal thread machine bs-268s


“台湾宝熊牌”Double seam lock type internal thread machine bs-268s

● stepless variable speed motor, automatic needle setting and lifting presser foot.

The patented separated transmission mechanism idles for 5 turns in case of any obstacle and automatically cuts off the power supply, so as not to hook the inside out of the shoe.

Function introduction

● the horn shape is smaller, suitable for smaller children's shoes, reducing the consumption of parts.

The shuttle can hold more bobbin thread and reduce the frequency of changing bobbin thread.

● the new gear drive replaces the old chain drive, and there will be no chain slack. The operation is more stable and powerful, with high accuracy, high wear resistance and reduced part consumption. The new type of gear transmission replaces the old type of ball and rod transmission, and the transmission is accurate and does not break.

● the new gear drive replaces the old universal joint drive. The drive is accurate and there is no looseness of the universal joint, so the maintenance is reduced and the production capacity is increased.

● the balance weight shall be fixed in a consistent manner, and the fixing screw shall not be loosened due to the impact force when shaking the rocker arm.

The rocker arm is extended by 60m / m, ranging from children's shoes to horse boots. It can be used for one machine.

All parts are made of imported special steel, and then grinded with Japanese CNC computer grinder to achieve high precision and extend the service life of parts.



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